Should I use Godaddy Hosting?

Deciding which hosting company to use is never easy. Everyone discusses the typical metrics to look at when figuring out which service to use. First I will go over the basics then what I suggest you look at when deciding.

Typical Considerations
Usually reviews of website hosting discuss the basics such as the amount of disk space you get, how many emails you can setup, the number of databases, the speed of the server or memory. In the past that was helpful as many of the companies offered different features. Now most offer the same amount of disk space, emails, databases etc. The truth is that unless you are going to upload huge files such as large high density pictures or many videos you will have plenty of space. Chances are when they say you can have 100, 200, 500, or unlimited emails and websites you have to realize that you will probably never have more than 5 of any of those.

However unless you are a computer science major, a lot of that information along with the types of programming languages you can use, is not your main concern. Your concern is how you can create a personal or online business presence. Typically you want it to look original, professional (at least well designed) and present the face of your business or yourself in the light you would like. Here is how with godaddy hosting and their tools.

Website Builders
What many of us want today is the ability to setup your website quickly. In some instances you click to install WordPress which is a free content management system. Then you can use one of many templates to create a design for your site. Some are free, the really nice ones can cost $10 to $100 and design work is additional. Now you can use a DIY (Do It Yourself) Website Builder from GoDaddy that makes it extremely simple. What makes it easy? Drag and Drop technology makes building your presence very easy.

How to Do It
All you do is pick from one of their (of which they offer hundreds) templates. You can then move around the images, text and other aspects of your site by just using your mouse. You do not need to be a programmer or designer. Not only do they have over 300 templates but they have over 8,700 images. They took the idea of “so simple your mom can do it” to the extreme and you can be up and running in no time. You can also add integration into Facebook, Twitter and other of the most popular social sites. Widgets can be added as well, such as Open Table, Yelp, eBay and others.